Author Self-Publishes First Children’s Book

"Book cover Merlin The Cat Who Thought He Wasn't by Heidi L Schlatter

One author loved animals so much that she wrote and self published a children's book about a cat that thinks its a dog. She'll tell you that writing the story was the easy part. Everything that came afterwards took careful planning and finding out all about self publishing. Although she hasn't figured it all out, she's off to a great start which I decided made her a great prospect for my next interview in my Q&A Interview series of women-owned, pet friendly businesses. My hope for you is … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Berg on Writing And What I Think About That

"Elizabeth Berg and Kathy H Porter, books

If a picture's still worth a thousand words, I should be able to post this, my carefully assembled still life, and leave the rest of this post up to you. Seems like a fair proposition.  You could easily figure it out or come up with something entirely different from what I planned to write. Three different colored composition notebooks, all brand new; two published books: one written by an established author, Elizabeth Berg, called Escaping into the Open, The Art of Writing True, … [Read more...]

Writing: Just Like Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat

"Hinckley reservoir morning coffee"

Last night, gale winds roared in like a freight train on steroids.  As promised, the temperatures plummeted from yesterday's delightful, walk-around-outside-in-just-a-sweater-weather, don't pile on the winter boots, hats, scarves and mittens, take the dogs for a long, rambling walk around the canal day.  When I poked my head out the back door just a while ago, bracing myself against three dogs piling up behind me because Jasper was in desperate straits to get outside, the blast of wind that … [Read more...]

Yes, ma’am. I Am An Author!

":Love Always Wags Its Tail"

Years ago, when I was taking poetry writing workshops, rubbing shoulders with poets and writers, other graduate students and wanna-be authors, one very wise woman explained to me that there is a confidence that settles itself like a warm blanket around the shoulders of someone who has just published that first book.  She might have left out the part about the "warm blanket" but she was spot on about the confidence.  It crackles like electricity, shoots from the soles of your feet to burst like … [Read more...]

Love Always Wags Its Tail – A New Adventure Begins

"Love Always Wags Its Tail book cover"

The past 8 days have been a whirlwind of activity for me starting on December 21st when I launched my first book. Love Always Wags Its Tail - The Dogs That Changed My Life went "live" on Amazon on Saturday, December 22nd, was featured as a Free Download as part of Amazon's KDP program on December 26/27 with over 300 downloads. That activity and however Amazon matches it, landed my book in the number one spot in its category on Amazon's best seller list in its Free Store for several days. This … [Read more...]