An Open Letter to the Pet Connections Team at Ontario ARC


Dear Pet Connections team: I wanted to thank you for yesterday: for the way that you brought me into the heart of your team and showed me how important it is to love fiercely and courageously; to be unafraid to speak your minds. Of course, I'm including each and every one of you. So, for all of you who missed the marketing meeting that five of us had yesterday, after Brutus went back to Happy Tails, make sure that you find out what you missed. We're finding out that it's not going to be … [Read more...]

Wanted: Forever Home For Awesome Happy Tails’ Dog


This is a medium sized, black dog - one of the lake dogs that I get to play with every August when my family goes on vacation. She's sweet tempered,  likes to fish, and her name is Lulu. Once upon a time, before she became a lake dog, she was a stray that got picked up and taken to an animal shelter. She got lucky because the family who adopted her saw her sweetness ... and thought she was beautiful too. She could have been a victim of something called Black Dog Syndrome. BDS is a false … [Read more...]

Three Whippet Heads Are Better Than One.

Ashley said:     Give it up, girl. I'm the prettiest! Dolly said:        You are SO pathetic.  I am. Emma said:     Ladies, ladies. Behave so the nice man can take our picture. Dolly said:       Do you think he knows what he's doing? Emma said:    Well, he managed to get us all posing, didn't he? Ashley said:    You'll do anything for a treat! Emma said:    Not.  Anything. Ashley said:    Really? I'm not so sure I believe you.  Remember the time .... Emma said:    Shh! … [Read more...]

More to Being A Dog Than Just Cute.

Lake Dogs 8-11 081

I'm one of those Lake Dogs that's a bit fussy about who I'll play with.  Because there's more to being a dog than Just Being Cute. Because that's just how I am.  Sort of cute.  Maybe.  Beauty is,  after all, in the eye of the beholder. But, what I really am is Loyal to My Person.  I don't want to be bothered with other people.  And, other dogs?  Not so much. Because I'm what you might call a Serious Dog.  With an Agenda. Today's agenda is all about The Stick. And, maybe a game … [Read more...]

All Cute Puppies Grow Up.

Lollypop 009

I'm the New Kid on the Block.  And, with the exception of that grey-muzzled Great Dane - the one who lives down the street and is HUGE,  I will be the next biggest dog in the neighborhood ... when I'm all grown up. And, I'm cute.  Which is entirely the point.  If you happen to be a puppy. My human family waited five years after the death of their first dog before they decided to get Another Dog. Before they got me. I'm told that they spent two years researching Mastiffs - that's what … [Read more...]