Hinckley Reservoir Inspires Adirondack Lake Dogs Essay in Love Always Wags Its Tail

"Hinckley Reservoir on a sunny August day"

Hinckley Reservoir was my summer inspiration for a series of blog posts I wrote about the lake dogs which morphed into "Adirondack Lake Dogs," one of the essays in my book, Love Always Wags Its Tail. This August would have marked our 11th year at Hinckley.  Sadly, it's not to be. The family that owns the cottage we always rented for the first week in August decided to rent it out for a full year rather than relying on one and two week rentals during the summer season. Can't say I blame them.  … [Read more...]

Pretty is a Lab Coming Out of a Lake.

Lake Dogs 8-11 048

There's an undeniable beauty that labs have, especially when it comes to playing fetch and the game takes place in a lake.  Part of what's beautiful is the setting: it's hard to beat an Adirondack lake for scenic prettiness. And, then there's the dog. Did you ever notice that it's really hard to find an ugly Labrador Retriever? Put them in lake water and you have the most perfect being on earth. Add a ball or a stick to the equation and you have created absolute bliss for a lab. Their … [Read more...]