Working Breeds Have an Inner Time Clock … Until it Runs Out

"female American Staffordshire terrier pit bull terrier"

Once Gracie settled into our weekday schedule, it didn't take her long to figure out when Alex would be walking in the door after a grueling day at work. Most days, he follows a 10AM - 7PM schedule. One day out of the week he works from 7AM - 4PM. She gets it right regardless of which day of the week it is, relying on an inner time clock of expectation that a gambler could cash in on. She's like every working breed dog we've had over the years: her inner time clock kicks in and she just … [Read more...]

What Makes a Dog be a Good Therapy Dog?

"female American Staffordshire terrier pit bull terrier"

When we adopted Gracie, we wondered if she'd make a good therapy dog - a dog that would walk calmly into a library filled with elementary school age kids all waiting to have a great interactive reading experience with her. Or perhaps, she'd be good with slightly older kids and adults. What do you think? Doesn't she look like a happy, confident dog? She is confident, when she's in a place that she knows. Like our back yard. This is where we walked her, sat with her, and slowly began to play … [Read more...]

A Penny For Your Thoughts

"Love Always Wags Its Tail book cover"

When I started Healing Rescue Dogs, I didn't call myself a "pet blogger." My intent was to brand myself as a story teller who just happened to know enough about dogs to be able to write about them. And, that's what I've been doing, one post and (finally) one book, at a time.  Certainly I had a whole repertoire of subjects to choose from. Having burned out on the world of small business with all of its 9-5 drama, that was the last thing I wanted to write about. But, I'd put enough time in (10-12 … [Read more...]

Off My Blog I’m Really Pissed

"One happy American Staffordshire Terrier miexed breed pup"

Lately, there's a whole lot more going on off my blog than on it so that, showing up here has been painful. Painful in the sense that I'm grasping to find words to keep up with my ideas,  pushing away words that connect to what I really want to blog about. But because these words don't fit my niche, would be bitchy and unkind, even though they would relieve a lot of my pent up emotions and help me get clear on a few things:  I'm trying to hold off. I realize that this is a bit cryptic. … [Read more...]

Loose Leash Walking In The Front Garden With Gracie.

"miss Kim lilac bush blooms"

Loose leash walking is easier said than done with a new dog, especially one, like Gracie, our American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed breed?), who loves to pull because there's so much to see and do and sniff. What she really wants to do is play with the dogs that she sees out walking with their owners in our Norman Rockwell - looking neighborhood.  We know that Gracie likes dogs but my neighbors, who haven't met her yet, look at her and see the stereotype pit bull dog that they "know" isn't dog … [Read more...]