A Lollypop Farm Story Ends As a Shelter Dog Starts Her New Life

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The past two days have been a series of "firsts" for Gracie, starting with that moment when we walked her out the front entrance of Lollypop Farm into her next life. A  lot of thought went into making sure that she would go to a home that would be perfect for her: could she have her own pack that included at least one dog playmate? And, in the best of all worlds? Could she keep one of her special humans as part of her forever home? Sometimes you get a part of that perfection and sometimes, … [Read more...]

Brother Can You Spare A Dime For Lollypop Farm?

"Lollypop Farm Humane Society of Greater Rochester

You wouldn't believe how hard it is to take a decent photograph of an acrylic (empty) dog house with a cute pix of a nondescript dog attached to the back. But after taking a lot of bad ones: too much glare, crappy backgrounds, poor lighting, I manged to get one or two that will do. You'll note (if you look closely) the iconic easily recognized, trademarked graphic that belongs to Lollypop Farm the Humane Society of Greater Rochester. More than 30 years ago, the very first cat that my … [Read more...]

Zen And The Art of Loving Dogs

"graphic pix of great dane in play bow"

Hello, downward facing dog! I've missed you.  It's been such a long time since I've unrolled my mat, breathed deep, cleared my mind and let myself settle into a focused, calm state; all preparation for you.  Just so you know, it will be a while before my body moves easily between poses with the fluid grace of water sliding over stones in a stream. But you know this: you take me as I am each day that I show up to listen to myself, to coax my body to do what feels right, to work with my breath to … [Read more...]

Big Black Dogs – Look With Your Heart And You’ll See Them

Lake Dogs 8-11 007

"They're the hardest to adopt out, they're in shelters the longest and therefore, they're most likely to be euthanized, if nothing happens."  -  Madeline Bernstein, President, SPCA in Los Angeles, CA; 2008. But not Lulu.  Lulu is dearly loved. She lives in a small piece of heaven on earth for a dog that's part lab: she's one of the lake dogs that I write about and she lives just inside of the Adirondack Park, within sight of Hinkley reservoir. She's a mid-sized, nondescript black dog. … [Read more...]

Pet Connections Introduces Brutus – Through Gail’s Eyes

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This charming, clear-eyed, black beauty is Brutus. He's a two year old lab-mix that has the honor to be the very first canine to go through the Pet Connection program offered through the Ontario ARC. They say that the eyes are the window of the soul and looking into Brutus' eyes, I feel in my heart that that's true. I haven't met him yet but because there is so much excitement out in Ontario about this young dog, I wanted to at least introduce you to him and to tell you about him through … [Read more...]