The Story of a Dog Bite … That Didn’t Happen

Happy Dog Tails

This is a true story that has a happy ending because of something that I refused to do.  And, even though it happened over 15 years ago,  it's still relevant because some things never change. I'm choosing to tell it now because it may save the life of a dog somewhere out there in real time; a dog that's biding its time in an animal shelter waiting or in the arms of a dog rescue organization ... also waiting, to be adopted. By the time this story takes place, I had racked up five years of … [Read more...]

Kids Writing About Their Pets – 2nd Place Winner

Becky and Buckley 013

Kids like to write about their pets - which is why HRD asked the Fairport Public Library if they would like to help out with a writing contest that we called: Fairport Literally Goes To The Dogs. We wanted to find out what kids had to say about their experiences with adopting a dog (or cat) from an area animal shelter or local adoption group. Here's our second place winner, Becky Park and Buckley.  Three years ago, Becky and her family went to Lollypop Farm because they wanted to find a … [Read more...]

Black Dog Syndrome Has a Heroine: Meet Amanda Leonard


Black Dog Syndrome is a scary fact of life in every animal shelter in the country.  What it means for dogs and cats that have fantastic temperaments - animals that would be wonderful pets for families - is that they "get passed over" for adoption because their black fur makes them invisible to families that come to shelters looking for an animal to adopt. That black fur also makes it difficult for people to understand an animal's behavior. Combine these two things and look hard at the kill … [Read more...]

Pit Bull Terrier Love At The End of The Leash.

He said:        Mom, she seems really depressed. Mom said:    That's too bad. He said:        Yeah. Whoever adopted her two days ago brought her back. Mom said:    How come? He said:        She got nailed by their cat and she retaliated. Mom said:    What's that mean? He said:        I'm not sure, but they decided to bring her back. Mom said:    That's gotta be confusing for her. How long has she been at Lollypop? He said:        A long time.  Two or three months … [Read more...]

Adopt-A-Pet Knocks On My Door

I was minding my own business one morning in late November, nursing a second cup of coffee, scrolling through emails and generally checking in with the online world when I noticed the subject line of one particular email. "Partnership Opportunity." One eyebrow raised itself as I thought about what this might mean.  And, then I opened the email. There, in every day language, without any hype or brash claims, was a lovely written invitation from a woman who identified herself as the … [Read more...]