Greyhound Dogs For Adoption – The Journey of a Lifetime

[gplus count="true" size="Medium" ]Sometimes, the death of one dog opens the door for another.  Little did I realize that losing our first Great Dane to cancer would open the door for over 200 ex-racing greyhounds to enter our lives. The grief when you euthanize a beloved pet twists and wrenches your heart into a searing pain before imploding in on itself.  You walk into an empty house during the middle of the day, slamming into the silence that didn't used to be in the six years of coming … [Read more...]

The One-Step Action Plan That Ensures A Rescue Dog’s Forever Home

In a perfect world, everybody lives happily ever after – including dogs.  Sadly, the millions of dogs that end up in animal shelters are testimony to a scarier reality. “We didn’t know it would grow to be so large.” “The landlord said I had to give him up.” “We have to move.” “With the new baby, we don’t have time.” “Allergies.” We are a casual, throw-away society and the evidence is written on the cards attached to the kennel runs of the dogs that are housed in animal shelters … [Read more...]