Guest Post/Share The Joys of Living in a Multi-Dog Home

"Kimberly plus 3 dogs"

The plan was to adopt one dog.  We researched breeds for months until we decided that a herding breed (Border Collie, Cattle Dog, or Australian Shepherd) was the right breed for us.  And then we started jumping through the hoops of a dog rescue and that’s how we met Rodrigo.  Three days later, I started my campaign for a second dog. Rodrigo will be so confused and afraid; adopting one of his siblings will make him happy. Two puppies can keep each other company when we’re away from the … [Read more...]

A Review of Show Dog, by Josh Dean.


The first time I went to a dog show, I felt like I'd fallen down a rabbit hole into a world that had completely, utterly, gone to the dogs. Much like visiting a foreign country for the first time, your experience is better if you go with friends who have been there before. Or, in the case of dog shows, friends who are showing dogs themselves and are eager to take you under their wing. Which is one of the reasons I enjoyed reading Show Dog, by Josh Dean. If you've never attended a dog … [Read more...]