Lock Arms Against Black Dog Syndrome.


Last night, I went with my son to the Green Lantern Inn, in the village of Fairport. I was his date for Lollypop Farm's annual banquet for almost 230 of its volunteers - which included my son. He's one of the volunteer dog walkers. There was a social hour before we sat down to dinner which I put to good use by scoping out the appetizer table and keeping an eye out for people I'd know. Sure enough, as I helped myself to cheese and crackers, I bumped into a friend of mine. I found myself … [Read more...]

Wanted: Forever Home For Awesome Happy Tails’ Dog


This is a medium sized, black dog - one of the lake dogs that I get to play with every August when my family goes on vacation. She's sweet tempered,  likes to fish, and her name is Lulu. Once upon a time, before she became a lake dog, she was a stray that got picked up and taken to an animal shelter. She got lucky because the family who adopted her saw her sweetness ... and thought she was beautiful too. She could have been a victim of something called Black Dog Syndrome. BDS is a false … [Read more...]

Black Dog Syndrome Has a Heroine: Meet Amanda Leonard


Black Dog Syndrome is a scary fact of life in every animal shelter in the country.  What it means for dogs and cats that have fantastic temperaments - animals that would be wonderful pets for families - is that they "get passed over" for adoption because their black fur makes them invisible to families that come to shelters looking for an animal to adopt. That black fur also makes it difficult for people to understand an animal's behavior. Combine these two things and look hard at the kill … [Read more...]

A Big Black Dog On A Summer Day

Lake Dogs 8-11 014

Definition of  "BBD:" - Big Black Dog or "BDS:" - Black Dog Syndrome  1. "The general public is not aware of how doomed black dogs are when they are brought to a pound."  2.  "Nobody wants a black-coated dog." 3.  Black Dogs Face a Hard Choice at Shelter   (Article that first appeared in The Bark, issue 35, Mar/Apr 2006.) A poem (that I wrote) about a big black dog on a summer day:  written in retaliation against the general public's very WRONG misunderstanding about the unsuitability of … [Read more...]