Big Black Dogs – Look With Your Heart And You’ll See Them

Lake Dogs 8-11 007

"They're the hardest to adopt out, they're in shelters the longest and therefore, they're most likely to be euthanized, if nothing happens."  -  Madeline Bernstein, President, SPCA in Los Angeles, CA; 2008. But not Lulu.  Lulu is dearly loved. She lives in a small piece of heaven on earth for a dog that's part lab: she's one of the lake dogs that I write about and she lives just inside of the Adirondack Park, within sight of Hinkley reservoir. She's a mid-sized, nondescript black dog. … [Read more...]

Wanted: Forever Home For Awesome Happy Tails’ Dog


This is a medium sized, black dog - one of the lake dogs that I get to play with every August when my family goes on vacation. She's sweet tempered,  likes to fish, and her name is Lulu. Once upon a time, before she became a lake dog, she was a stray that got picked up and taken to an animal shelter. She got lucky because the family who adopted her saw her sweetness ... and thought she was beautiful too. She could have been a victim of something called Black Dog Syndrome. BDS is a false … [Read more...]