Guest Post/Share The Joys of Living in a Multi-Dog Home

"Kimberly plus 3 dogs"

The plan was to adopt one dog.  We researched breeds for months until we decided that a herding breed (Border Collie, Cattle Dog, or Australian Shepherd) was the right breed for us.  And then we started jumping through the hoops of a dog rescue and that’s how we met Rodrigo.  Three days later, I started my campaign for a second dog. Rodrigo will be so confused and afraid; adopting one of his siblings will make him happy. Two puppies can keep each other company when we’re away from the … [Read more...]

Remembering An Honest Dog And An Alpha Queen

"German Shepherd Norwegian Elkhound mix breed laying down"

I've been writing, rewriting and editing my story about Suzy and it's been a slow process. Each time I thought I had a sentence finished, I'd reread it and take out a few words, move others around and delete more. When I didn't think I'd ever get it done, words began rising to the surface and suddenly, I had the ending. Well, at least the ending for the essay that's going to be a part of my first ebook. Ten years of Suzy stories. After all of this time, I still miss her. I miss the problem … [Read more...]

Remembering A Cookbook, A Border Collie-Mutt And My Mom


Once upon a true time, my mom had this cookbook.  How she came to own it is buried in the past. And, also not that important to what I'm going to tell you. It looks a bit lonesome, over there, without any kind of graphic adornment to spiff it up. But, that's okay. The story behind this cookbook will more than make up for all of the white space. So, if you remember, my mom was a dog lover from way Back In The Day. Before she was a wife. Before she was a mom.  Back in the day when she was … [Read more...]