This year we made a grape vine Christmas wreath

"grapevine Christmas wreath hanging on front door"

 With just five days before Christmas, we finished making the wreath for the front door. Rather than pull out the wreaths we'd used in past years, we went with a more meaningful, closer to home theme. Earlier this month, on a day that felt more like Indian summer, my son and I cut long grape vine branches from the two grape vines in our backyard - vines that my grandfather planted more than 50 years ago, I'm sure. We stored them on the second floor of the garage until this morning when my … [Read more...]

Shopping at the Red Bird Market …

Redbird 014

Last night,  this was a busy place.  Julie, who owns The Red Bird Market, wasn't standing behind the counter.  She was hustling between the back office and the store aisles helping customers. The two guys behind the counter were busy ringing up sales.  And, the customers - my son and myself among them, were wandering the aisles as we figured out what to put together for dinner. There were moms with young children in tow,  a few 9-5 professional folks juggling boxes of freshly made pasta … [Read more...]

Another Early Morning. Later, We Will Visit the Dead.

Canandaigua 11-9-11 008

You know how you are sure that you've got that one perfect photograph for the blog post you are about to write?  Well,  that's what I thought too ... until I couldn't find it. And when I sorted through what I did have,  this one seemed to fit. It's another early morning - dark with a smattering of light rain.  The dogs and I didn't spend too much time outside in the yard.  Time enough for them to get the job done and me to shake the cobwebs from my brain. Last night,  my son poked his … [Read more...]

Everything Old Can Become New Again

Wreathes and balls 010

Sometimes,  everything that's old can be new again.  Like this Christmas wreath.  You'd never know from looking at it, that it is 30-plus years old.   Really. My dad bought it Back In The Day.  Back in the day when I was still a kid.  Living with four siblings,  our mom and our dad, and the requisite number of cats and dogs. We had chaotic and busy holidays.  Five kids will naturally do that. After our parents died, that wreath became part of my inheritance.  It showed up in the mail one … [Read more...]