Dog Training Shorts: Tone of Voice

"head shot of female pit bull terrier"

  "She really likes when you talk to her," said the behaviorist as she waltzed Gracie around the empty training room. Gracie pranced with one ear cocked, listening to the happy tone in J's voice. And, I could see it -- the connection wasn't the clicker or the treat; the connection was the relationship between the two of them that found its expression in J's tone of voice. "You need to tell her to sit with more authority," said the man who'd come to class with his wife.  "Sit." His voice … [Read more...]

Clicker Training And Aspergers Dance Awkwardly Together

Happy Dog Tails

Learning to clicker train my son's new dog opened the door into what he goes through every day because he has Asperger's Syndrome Disorder.  The newer part of the shelter is two-stories high with offices upstairs and a football size first floor dedicated to training classes, all of which are listed on the animal shelter's web site. We are registered for "Basic Manners," which meets every Tuesday night at 7PM for six weeks. That first night, per instructions, we leave Gracie at home, arrive … [Read more...]