Dogs And Books – What’s Not to Love?

10-10-2011 03;56;47PM

This is my mom.  Of all of the photographs I have of her that appear to be taken before she was married,  which means before she had five kids and had to move us every three years because our dad was in the army and that's what army families did (and still do),  THIS photograph is the best of what I've come to call "the dog series." It's the one that has the most detail.  Despite the shadows,  you can see her face.  And her bare feet.  And her painted toe nails. And the blond cocker … [Read more...]

Women And Dogs – My Mom’s Legacy to Me

My mom

My mom loved dogs. She didn’t ever take them to obedience classes yet hers were always fun to be around, good with kids and never aggressive.  She liked cocker spaniels and mutts. My earliest memories include her dogs.  There was Maggie, a non-descript, black dog with silky, curly hair and a long plume of a tail.  That dog raised my two younger brothers.  Well, she thought she did. And there was G-Co (pronounced  like the letter ‘g’ and co was short for “company.”) G-Co was a … [Read more...]