I Bit My Son And 19 Years Later, Here’s What I Know About Dog Bites

"graphic pix of great dane in play bow"

Part One in a three part series about what happens when dogs bite because humans make stupid mistakes.  I wrote myself into a corner with this first post and finally decided that the only way to get out of it would be to turn it into a series of three blog posts. Start here and come back soon for Part Two.   Nineteen years ago, I bit my son. I only bit him that one time. It was a deliberate bite on his forearm. As I remember, I broke the skin, leaving a visible tooth mark in his … [Read more...]

The Story of a Dog Bite … That Didn’t Happen

Happy Dog Tails

This is a true story that has a happy ending because of something that I refused to do.  And, even though it happened over 15 years ago,  it's still relevant because some things never change. I'm choosing to tell it now because it may save the life of a dog somewhere out there in real time; a dog that's biding its time in an animal shelter waiting or in the arms of a dog rescue organization ... also waiting, to be adopted. By the time this story takes place, I had racked up five years of … [Read more...]

Dogs Don’t Have to Bite Kids.


" ... everything we know about dogs, " writes Malcolm Gladwell in the essay What the Dog Saw, " suggests that they are students of human movement." A dog cares, deeply, about which way your body is leaning. Forward or backward? Forward can be seen as aggressive; backward - even a quarter of an inch - means nonthreatening.   (pg 135) Cock your head, even slightly, to the side, and a dog is disarmed. Look at him straight on  and he'll read it like a red flag. (pg. 135) Breathing even and … [Read more...]