Amazing Fleece Dog Blanket

"female pit bull terrier mixed breed dog wearing lilac colored fleece dog blanket"

Gracie's new fleece dog blanket seems to be the talk of the neighborhood - at least among those hardy souls who are still walking their dogs, despite the cold weather. So, for our neighbors who are asking my son where we got it, here's the link to the online page of For the Western Horseman where we placed our order. We ordered two: Gracie's is an XXLarge and Tessa, our 20 pound Min Pin mixed breed, has a Large. We called the 800 number to make sure that we were measuring correctly. You … [Read more...]

Tessa And I Work Our Plan

Blessed with a sun-shine-y, mild day, I loaded Tessa up into the back of the Volvo wagon and together we sallied forth. I had a simple plan and we were about to work it. Tessa wore:  her anxiety wrap over which I layered her easy walker harness over which I layered her fleece-lined, bright yellow dog coat. I packed:  treats, a few plastic bags, and stashed my cell phone into the pocket of my Gortex ski pants. Tessa rode, crated, in the very back of the car. I drove us to the village … [Read more...]