Sampson: More Than a Dog Show

"Sampson Dog Show Romulus New York"

Busy weekend with Saturday's road trip to Sampson State Park where, during the last weekend in September, everything literally goes to the dogs.  I don't know the history of this 4-day dog show, but, my experience as a spectator began almost 20 years ago. There were years when I attended all four days, arriving early in the morning and staying until well after 5PM. It was manna from heaven - an endless conversation about dogs. And, it was but one stop on the dog show circuit that stretches … [Read more...]

Remembering A Cookbook, A Border Collie-Mutt And My Mom


Once upon a true time, my mom had this cookbook.  How she came to own it is buried in the past. And, also not that important to what I'm going to tell you. It looks a bit lonesome, over there, without any kind of graphic adornment to spiff it up. But, that's okay. The story behind this cookbook will more than make up for all of the white space. So, if you remember, my mom was a dog lover from way Back In The Day. Before she was a wife. Before she was a mom.  Back in the day when she was … [Read more...]

Great Danes Make Great Teachers

Mia's visit 047

  You may think that this is a grey-muzzled, Great Dane wallowing in the afternoon sunshine just about to lean into the ground on his back so that he can enjoy the warm sun with his eyes closed and there just might be a soggy, yucky tennis ball tucked between his paws. And, you'd be right. But there's more. This is Jasper and he is eight years old.  He is a purebred, black Great Dane.  He was hand-picked for us by Vinnie - Vinnie is the genius behind Country Run Great Danes - after I … [Read more...]