Think Like Your Dog And Enjoy The Rewards – Join the Conversation

"book-cover of Think Like Your Dog, by Dianna m Young"

Thinking about Think Like Your Dog And Enjoy The Rewards, by Dianna M Young with Robert H Mottram  Before you casually dismiss Think Like Your Dog as old fashioned because the author, Dianna M Young, uses the words "dominant" and "alpha" to describe dogs, consider her more than 30 years of professional experience and accomplishments. Then, remember, as you read, that her training message is one of balance and choice with the end goal " ... to build a relationship with your dog that is … [Read more...]

Dog Training Shorts: Tone of Voice

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  "She really likes when you talk to her," said the behaviorist as she waltzed Gracie around the empty training room. Gracie pranced with one ear cocked, listening to the happy tone in J's voice. And, I could see it -- the connection wasn't the clicker or the treat; the connection was the relationship between the two of them that found its expression in J's tone of voice. "You need to tell her to sit with more authority," said the man who'd come to class with his wife.  "Sit." His voice … [Read more...]

Clicker Training And Aspergers Dance Awkwardly Together

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Learning to clicker train my son's new dog opened the door into what he goes through every day because he has Asperger's Syndrome Disorder.  The newer part of the shelter is two-stories high with offices upstairs and a football size first floor dedicated to training classes, all of which are listed on the animal shelter's web site. We are registered for "Basic Manners," which meets every Tuesday night at 7PM for six weeks. That first night, per instructions, we leave Gracie at home, arrive … [Read more...]

Guest Post/Share The Joys of Living in a Multi-Dog Home

"Kimberly plus 3 dogs"

The plan was to adopt one dog.  We researched breeds for months until we decided that a herding breed (Border Collie, Cattle Dog, or Australian Shepherd) was the right breed for us.  And then we started jumping through the hoops of a dog rescue and that’s how we met Rodrigo.  Three days later, I started my campaign for a second dog. Rodrigo will be so confused and afraid; adopting one of his siblings will make him happy. Two puppies can keep each other company when we’re away from the … [Read more...]

Did Vicki Hearne Write Only For Smart People?


Reading anything by Vicki Hearne is a daunting experience; surely not for the faint hearted. There is an intellectual rigor to her writing that brings all of her gifts and talents to bear. She was not just an animal trainer who drew high praise from her peers - Carol Lea Benjamin, Donald Craig and Elizabeth Marshall, to name a few. Hearne was also a poet and a philosopher. She had STRONG opinions about all kinds of controversial subjects and she wasn't afraid to call a spade a spade as … [Read more...]