Amazing Fleece Dog Blanket

"female pit bull terrier mixed breed dog wearing lilac colored fleece dog blanket"

Gracie's new fleece dog blanket seems to be the talk of the neighborhood - at least among those hardy souls who are still walking their dogs, despite the cold weather. So, for our neighbors who are asking my son where we got it, here's the link to the online page of For the Western Horseman where we placed our order. We ordered two: Gracie's is an XXLarge and Tessa, our 20 pound Min Pin mixed breed, has a Large. We called the 800 number to make sure that we were measuring correctly. You … [Read more...]

Gracie: Up Close And Personal.

Happy Dog Tails

Gracie, up close and personal. Enjoying the first of two afternoon sun bathing sessions. Now that she's staked out her spot, near the garage, she's almost ready to lay down, always keeping one eye open to check out whatever catches her interest. I haven't told her about winter. Yet. Maybe, she'll surprise me and be one of those dogs that likes the cold weather. Wonder how that works for dogs that hate getting wet? At the first sign of rain, Gracie heads for the back door. Snow … [Read more...]

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

"Kathy H Porter head shot"

There are times when I wonder if either of my two nieces ever find their way over to my blog from their very busy lives.  They're both on their own with the prerequisite all-consuming jobs, apartments, each has her small circle of best buds and a larger circle of people that they hang out with.  One is a cat lover, one has a dog.  One lives outside of Philadelphia, one lives outside of Washington, DC. The eldest of the two is a liberal independent woman with a "take no prisoners" attitude. She's … [Read more...]

A Rescue Dog’s Story Begins With You.

"terrier mix black dog laying in the sun"

"...when you look at a rescue dog for the first time, don't focus on the story of his or her past. Focus on the most important chapter. The chapter that begins with you."  - Lulu's Rescue blog This is Tessa and, no, she didn't (physically) come from Lulu's Rescue, although if we make a literal assumption - that Tessa represents "every rescue," at least for the length of this post, then, metaphorically symbolically, she could have come from Lulu. The chapter of Tessa's life that begins with … [Read more...]

Remembering An Honest Dog And An Alpha Queen

"German Shepherd Norwegian Elkhound mix breed laying down"

I've been writing, rewriting and editing my story about Suzy and it's been a slow process. Each time I thought I had a sentence finished, I'd reread it and take out a few words, move others around and delete more. When I didn't think I'd ever get it done, words began rising to the surface and suddenly, I had the ending. Well, at least the ending for the essay that's going to be a part of my first ebook. Ten years of Suzy stories. After all of this time, I still miss her. I miss the problem … [Read more...]