Donald Trump Is Really A Cat That Lives With Me!

"black cat laying on table top jpg"

Donald Trump is alive and well, living in my house disguised as a domestic short hair, black cat with a crooked tail and a bad ass attitude. Which is why our Am Staff (aka pit bull terrier mixed breed), Gracie, has yet to have free roaming rights inside despite the fact that we adopted her last April.  Just so you know, we're well versed in multi-pet households. We've had dogs and cats living happily under one roof for 20 plus years. We are really good at mingling critters. This go round … [Read more...]

Love Is Adopting a Kitten From Lollypop Farm


This is what you might see if you sit on the floor of one of the "visiting rooms" at Lollypop Farm when you are trying to catch a four month old, black, male kitten on film.  There's not much to look at, is there? And, that's the point. What he looks like isn't important. What he's like is. Here's what I knew before I even laid eyes on him: 1.   He would be between the ages of 2-4 months 2.   He would be any combination of friendly, easy-going and he'd like to be around … [Read more...]