Afternoon Delight

Donnelly's, neighborhood 011

Golden afternoon delight. Those October days when it still feels like summer but the sun and the colors and the wind swirl into one of those magical days when what you REALLY want to be is an artist mixing your paints. And, because you're not that kind of an artist,  you push your husband outside with his camera and say, "Take pictures for me!" It's the time of day when the 9-5 ers are still at work and the kids have clambered off the school buses and disappeared into theirs or each others … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Healing Power of Rescue Dogs

Happy Dog Tails

I can't remember ever living without dogs - my mom's dogs, neighbor dogs, or dogs I borrowed from friends during those first years on my own when I was renting and couldn't have my own dog. Dogs are as natural and necessary to me as breathing is both natural and necessary for me to live.  You could say that DOG is hard-wired into my DNA. I lived with dogs for half of my life before I finally understood that they have this amazing ability to teach us about ourselves ... if we are open and … [Read more...]