“You just don’t have time for this dog…”

Happy Dog Tails

You said you did but now you know that you just don't have time for this dog. That cute 8 week old yellow lab puppy is now two years old, overly friendly with people, plays well other dogs and craves exercise. You've just accepted a teaching job on the other side of the city and your wife, who also works fulltime, is seven months pregnant. You know what's coming: with both you and your wife already stretched thin, once the baby's born, there will be even less time for this … [Read more...]

Hinckley Reservoir Inspires Adirondack Lake Dogs Essay in Love Always Wags Its Tail

"Hinckley Reservoir on a sunny August day"

Hinckley Reservoir was my summer inspiration for a series of blog posts I wrote about the lake dogs which morphed into "Adirondack Lake Dogs," one of the essays in my book, Love Always Wags Its Tail. This August would have marked our 11th year at Hinckley.  Sadly, it's not to be. The family that owns the cottage we always rented for the first week in August decided to rent it out for a full year rather than relying on one and two week rentals during the summer season. Can't say I blame them.  … [Read more...]

Love Always Wags Its Tail Has A Pinterest Board!

"Love Always Wags Its Tail ebook cover"

This morning I started a board over on Pinterest for a behind-the-scene look at some of the places that I write about in Love Always Wags Its Tail.  I remember, my brother telling me that the only photograph that my book needed was a professional photograph for the cover of a dog that was going to be the universal symbol for all dogs; that if my writing was strong, it should stand on its own; finally, if I insisted on using photos throughout the book, they all needed to be taken by a … [Read more...]

This Won’t Be A Post About Clicker Training. It Will be a Post About Sunbathing. And Dogs.

"white female whippet laying in grassy back yard in the sun"

This won't be a post about clicker training with my three dogs: the one out of the three that doesn't need it because she's 14 years old with a grade 3 heart murmur which means that she gets a treat for watching the antics of the other two, the one that kinda, sorta, does need it but because she's been with us for four years, she's already grasped the benefits of reward-based training behavior and the one that is enrolled in a "manners" class out at Lollypop Farm for the next six weeks, the … [Read more...]

Green Is The Color of my Neighborhood. Life is Good.

"dogwood tree with white blossoms"

My neighborhood is greening up, the dogs are lounging in the back yard instead of zooming around like crazed speed merchants; windows are open, skiess are blue and there's a bumper crop of dandelions sprouting up faster than you can say, "Wow. Look at that." Once again, we've come out of winter to an early spring. It's good to be here. The farmer's market opened last Saturday which brought back one of my favorite vendors, Sweet & Woodsy Aromatherapy. This year I'm determined to bring … [Read more...]