Victoria Stilwell’s Dog Book Teaches Self-Development & Leadership

"photo of one Victoria Stilwelll book and two John C maxwell books"

Like many of her peers, Victoria Stilwell understands what it takes to develop awesome, healthy relationships with dogs. Understand, communicate effectively, always be positive and consistent.  Embrace life long learning.  She says, "A good relationship is based on cooperation, not dominance." Why is it that humans mess this up? What is it about the human condition that guarantees each one of us will fail, not just once, but many times before we get this right? Stilwell didn't think she … [Read more...]

Gracie Learns That Garages Aren’t So Scary

"head shot of female pit bull terrier"

How to desensitize a scary experience:  Remember the story about Gracie's reaction to the very loud blaring radio music pouring out from the garage? Here's what we did yesterday on Day 18 of Gracie's new life. As my son backs his car into the driveway, Gracie and I watch from the fenced back yard.  A.  gets out of his car, gathers his things, walks to the side gate, and waits. Gracie watches his progress and meets him on the other side. I open the side door to the garage, reach in and press … [Read more...]

The House on the Corner, Pet Sitting, Gracie And More

" 2 story house on tree shaded lot"

  This house sits on the corner at the end of my street. Years ago, I knew the couple that lived there. She had Great Danes. He had two vintage Rolls Royce cars. The fence hiding the house from view was a stockade one, stained a light beige. The family that lives there now has regular cars, a Collie and (I think) a Boxer. Both dogs have beautiful yard manners, quietly coming up to fence to poke their noses through to sniff the dogs on the other side. I took this photo earlier in … [Read more...]

Gracie Ate A Leather Leash. Really.

"female put bull terrier in wire crate"

"Gracie ate a leather slip leash last night," I explained to the woman on the other end of the phone. "... all of it except for the brass ring." Following a moment of silence, the two of us worked our way through what turned into a 15 minute conversation. Having no idea that she was at the center of our lively but concerned chat, Gracie lay calmly in her crate looking up at me. Happily, for my immediate peace of mind, she looked none the worse for having eaten that leash, the feasting chewing of … [Read more...]

Kids Grow Up to be Amazing – Mine Did. Yours Will Too.

"happy birthday card with cartoon dog on front"

Hello, it's me.  I've been behind the scenes here on my blog, writing other people's stories rather than my own. It happens sometimes. You make commitments that you want to keep and, in my case, those commitments have all been tied into posts that I offered to write for friends whose stories I want to share with you. But what I really want to do now, is to tell you the most amazingly wonderful, fantastical story about what it's been like to watch my son come into his own. This is going to be … [Read more...]