My life walking dogs

:young man and female pit bull terrier mixed breed standing in fenced yard

My life walking dogs used to start with early morning walks, me and whatever dog (or dogs) needed to get out and move. Over the years, I've walked ex-racing greyhounds and whippets: elegant walkers with such easy strides. I could ease myself into a quiet meditative state, not worrying about other people's ill-mannered dogs. I've walked Great Danes. Such mild, gentle giants guaranteed to slow cars along West Church Street. I've walked dogs that were dog aggressive that kept me on my toes, one eye … [Read more...]

Greyhound Adoption – The 10 Best And Worst Things That Can Happen to You

07-18-2011 06;07;29PM

It's hard to believe that it's been more than 20 years since my wild and crazy, ex-racing greyhound adoption days. And they were wild and crazy times. At its most crazed, three women jumped into a red BMW and sped off to one of the more questionable neighborhoods in the city of Rochester in search of a lost greyhound. We looked like a female swat team out to make a drug bust. At its most inspiring, those same three women stood at the top of an enormous, fenced back yard (it was easily the … [Read more...]

The Story of a Dog Bite … That Didn’t Happen

Happy Dog Tails

This is a true story that has a happy ending because of something that I refused to do.  And, even though it happened over 15 years ago,  it's still relevant because some things never change. I'm choosing to tell it now because it may save the life of a dog somewhere out there in real time; a dog that's biding its time in an animal shelter waiting or in the arms of a dog rescue organization ... also waiting, to be adopted. By the time this story takes place, I had racked up five years of … [Read more...]

Twenty One Years Ago My Life Belonged to Greyhounds.

"Ex-racing greyhound now a pet"

Twenty-one years ago, not too many people outside of the dog racing industry would have been able to tell you that this was a greyhound.  And, not just any greyhound - this was Comanche - my family's first ex-racing greyhound. This photograph was taken less than a month after we adopted him when he was still "race track skinny." How did 21 years pass so quickly? It was such a learning time! There were so many dogs to figure out and people who understood dog behavior but had never been … [Read more...]

Pit Bull Terrier Love At The End of The Leash.

He said:        Mom, she seems really depressed. Mom said:    That's too bad. He said:        Yeah. Whoever adopted her two days ago brought her back. Mom said:    How come? He said:        She got nailed by their cat and she retaliated. Mom said:    What's that mean? He said:        I'm not sure, but they decided to bring her back. Mom said:    That's gotta be confusing for her. How long has she been at Lollypop? He said:        A long time.  Two or three months … [Read more...]