Find Me On Facebook!

"graphic pix of great dane in play bow"

Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse. It's "that thing' we love to hate when we get locked out of our own account because some cyberspace gremlin decides to mess with our page or it's that amazingly fast connection we can make with a true kindred spirit.  In less than 48 hours, I've been blessed. When I finished yesterday's post about Susan Kottwitz's amazing story and sat back and read it one last time before hitting the publish button, I was dumbfounded. There, in her own words, was … [Read more...]

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

"Kathy H Porter head shot"

There are times when I wonder if either of my two nieces ever find their way over to my blog from their very busy lives.  They're both on their own with the prerequisite all-consuming jobs, apartments, each has her small circle of best buds and a larger circle of people that they hang out with.  One is a cat lover, one has a dog.  One lives outside of Philadelphia, one lives outside of Washington, DC. The eldest of the two is a liberal independent woman with a "take no prisoners" attitude. She's … [Read more...]

Boxer Love at Ontario ARC’s Pet Connections Program


For the regular visitors to my blog, you know that this tired gorgeous boxer is my main squeeze, my bud, my heart throb.  You'll remember that his name is Albert, that his human guardian is my friend, Gail Furst. Gail's got a lot of professional initials that come after her last name that I won't even begin to explain. Because I can't.  But, I'll list them for you here because they are a big part of why she became the program manager for Pet Connections, out at Ontario ARC. Here you are:  … [Read more...]

Are You Talking to Me?

Ever find yourself standing around with a bunch of other people where you are supposed to be adding to the conversation ... and you forgot how that's supposed to work?  Or maybe you're on the phone -- this should be pretty easy because there are just TWO of you -- And you still mess up your part?!? Or, and this can be awkward,  you're sitting around a large conference table at a board meeting,  and you verbally stumble not once BUT at least three times... ? And, you know you've messed … [Read more...]