Walking Other People’s Dogs

Happy Dog Tails

Walking other people's dogs happens when you least expect it.  Your neighbor's plans fall apart and, at the last minute, she needs someone to take care of the family dog. "Just for three days," she explains. And there you are. And here he is: Just one really happy pup. Wanna feed me? Go for a walk? Wanna hang out? Be my friend? How about that walk now? Gotta toy for me? I see that leash. Let's get busy - get out there - go meet my friends. Go make new friends! Isn't it just a lovely … [Read more...]

Every Day Ordinary Things.


Blue skies, green trees, a flower stalk against a picket fence.  Summer magic in every day, ordinary things.  Hot days,  welcome shade... lazy nights in the neighborhood when young parents caravan down the sidewalks pushing babies in high-tech strollers with the family dog either heeling nicely alongside or straining at the end of its leash. Air conditioners hum. Lawn mowers growl. Small moments in time: every 20 years, another generation moves in and it starts all over again. [gplus … [Read more...]