Working Breeds Have an Inner Time Clock … Until it Runs Out

"female American Staffordshire terrier pit bull terrier"

Once Gracie settled into our weekday schedule, it didn't take her long to figure out when Alex would be walking in the door after a grueling day at work. Most days, he follows a 10AM - 7PM schedule. One day out of the week he works from 7AM - 4PM. She gets it right regardless of which day of the week it is, relying on an inner time clock of expectation that a gambler could cash in on. She's like every working breed dog we've had over the years: her inner time clock kicks in and she just … [Read more...]

Amy Shojai Is In The House Talking About Her Newest Book!

"Lost And Found by Amy Shojai book cover

This post owes its very existence to a decision I made over a year ago to join the online community of Blog Paws. This group of pet bloggers has been such a wonderful support group for me. So, before I get to the heart of this post, my heartfelt thanks to every member who has reached out to me. It's with such pleasure that I get to introduce one of Blog Paws' members to my readers. Everyone, meet Amy Shojai and Amy, welcome to Healing Rescue Dogs. HRD:  You and I met online on Blog Paws … [Read more...]

Canine Fashion: What Does Your Dog Wear?


They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and this just might be that one picture.  If you look closely and if you know your dog leashes, you'll see part of what I know to be an elegant, leather dog collar-leash set over-lapping an Easy Walk harness. Think of them both as tools because in the truest sense of the word, that's what dog collars, leashes and harnesses are. And, if you're an experienced dog person, you know something else. You know that not every dog collar, leash and/or … [Read more...]

Kids Writing About Their Pets

Mia and Devo 023

Kids and dogs - such a winning combination.  But, you knew that already. So did we.  And, we knew that if we asked kids to write about their pet, that we would hear some great stories. We reached out to the kids and their families who are patrons of the Fairport Public Library and asked them if they'd like to participate in the very first "Fairport - Literally - Goes to the Dogs!" writing contest. Here's our first place winner:  Mia and her German Shepherd, Devo.  Isn't she Mia lovely and … [Read more...]

“Best of Show” For Stay, by Allie Larkin

What "must have" elements do you want in romantic fiction?  Engaging plot?  Check.  Characters that you can identify with, care about and root for?  Check, check and check.  A heroine that's smart, funny and vulnerable?  Men that are endearing but occasionally exasperating with their own Achilles heels? Great dialogue? How about all of the above plus a once-in-a-lifetime, steal-your-heart dog? You'll find all of this and more in Allie Larkin's first novel, Stay.  This book works on so many … [Read more...]