This year we made a grape vine Christmas wreath

"grapevine Christmas wreath hanging on front door"

¬†With just five days before Christmas, we finished making the wreath for the front door. Rather than pull out the wreaths we'd used in past years, we went with a more meaningful, closer to home theme. Earlier this month, on a day that felt more like Indian summer, my son and I cut long grape vine branches from the two grape vines in our backyard - vines that my grandfather planted more than 50 years ago, I'm sure. We stored them on the second floor of the garage until this morning when my … [Read more...]

Back In My Grandparent’s Day

garden 6-09 008

There used to be a rhubarb patch of garden where now there is a bed of iris.¬† Back in the day when this was my grandparent's home. Seems my grandmother was partial to tulips and one of them, probably my grandfather, planted masses of them in a border that separated their yard from the neighbor's yard. Those tulips are long gone. My grandfather worked his yard in much the same way that a farmer worked his fields or a rancher worked his land. He dug up grass and planted a huge garden … [Read more...]