My life walking dogs

:young man and female pit bull terrier mixed breed standing in fenced yard

My life walking dogs used to start with early morning walks, me and whatever dog (or dogs) needed to get out and move. Over the years, I've walked ex-racing greyhounds and whippets: elegant walkers with such easy strides. I could ease myself into a quiet meditative state, not worrying about other people's ill-mannered dogs. I've walked Great Danes. Such mild, gentle giants guaranteed to slow cars along West Church Street. I've walked dogs that were dog aggressive that kept me on my toes, one eye … [Read more...]

Sink Your Teeth Into Animal Happiness, by Vicki Hearne


Animal Happiness, by Vicki Hearne is the easiest of her books to read. For me. And, here's why it may be that for you. Rather than carefully making your way through her prose, stopping to figure out her many layered philosophical references, or unexpectedly falling over a punch line before you get back to the story that she started five pages back ... you are immediately engaged; caught up in whichever story you've decided to read. Because this is a book that you don't have to read … [Read more...]