Save The Last Dance For Me

"formal dinner table setting"

She said:    Do you think anyone will notice? He said:      Not if we're careful. She said:     You're sure? He said:      Pretty sure. She said:     What if ..... He said:      Let's not borrow trouble. She said:     You're right, of course. He said:      This time. She said:     If anyone finds out ... He said:      They won't. She said:     Famous last words. He said:      Maybe not. Do you trust me? She said:    With all my heart. He said:     Well, … [Read more...]

Cast Your Fate to The Wind …


He said:    Thar she blows! She said:   You have got to be kidding. He said:     I don't think so. She said:   And, that's the note you'd like to end on? He said:     Absolutely. She said:    Maybe you'd like a rubber ducky? He said:      If you think it will help... She said:    It's a little late for "help." He said:     Never say, "Never." She said:    You think this will work? He said:      Not a doubt in my mind. She said:   What if somebody sees us? He … [Read more...]

Ask For What You Want


She said:   So, what do you think? He said:     That it's time to get this show on the road. She said:   Lunch? He said:     Well, that too. She said:    But, something more? He said:      Yes. She said:     What else can there be? He said:      I'm not quite sure, but more than lunch. She said:     Something we can do together? He said:      I'd like that. She said:     Something fun? He said:      Yes. She said:    Can you give me a clue? He said:      … [Read more...]

What She Said And What He Found Out.


She said:     This is a photograph rich with metaphorical implications. He said:       Really? You sure this is not just your English major education talking? She said:      Yes. I'm sure. He asked:    How come? She said:      How come I'm sure or what am I talking about? He said:        Both. She said:      People are constantly looking for pearls of wisdom; ways to make sense out of their lives and inspirational quotes to keep them working on their dreams. He said:       … [Read more...]

Twilight On The Lake. Come. Sit. Dream.

Hinkley 8-11 005

Lake twilight.  A deserted shoreline except for Crayola-colored, plastic Adirondack chairs lined up facing the water.  Come settle the lake dogs and sit for a spell. Call the meeting to order. What is it you want to say? She said:   I like it here. He said:     Me too. She said:   It's pretty quiet. He said:    Where are the dogs? She said:   Inside. For once. He said:     I miss them. She said:   Me too. He said:     It was a good day. Today. She said:    Yes, it … [Read more...]