Healing Rescue Dogs Transitions Into A Dance on the Autism Spectrum

Healing Rescue Dogs and the autism spectrum: just how did two seemingly different topics come together on a blog that started out as a way for me to share stories about the dogs that changed my life? Clearly, there's a transition taking place. If I can make that transition work here, on Healing Rescue Dogs, remains to be seen. I'll always be able to connect the dogs to my life and, if you've been following along, to my son's life. But the story that's been pushing itself ahead of the dog … [Read more...]

Find Me On Facebook!

"graphic pix of great dane in play bow"

Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse. It's "that thing' we love to hate when we get locked out of our own account because some cyberspace gremlin decides to mess with our page or it's that amazingly fast connection we can make with a true kindred spirit.  In less than 48 hours, I've been blessed. When I finished yesterday's post about Susan Kottwitz's amazing story and sat back and read it one last time before hitting the publish button, I was dumbfounded. There, in her own words, was … [Read more...]

How It All Began – Where Stories Get Their Start

Virginia and G-co

It's Christmas morning and I can look out my study window to see a sugar coating of snow accenting tree limbs, frosting up the evergreens; prettying up the world. Last night, I promised myself that I wasn't going to be online today but, early morning habits pulled me out of bed around 5AM and there was time enough to log on and take care of a few things. Like this post. Some of you reading this are brand new to Healing Rescue Dogs having found your way over here from Amazon because you've … [Read more...]

Off The Grid – Do You See What I See?

Striped steps Albright Knox Gallery

Lots of behind-the-scenes plans taking shape for this blog. I've got four narrative essays completed and (almost) ready to be uploaded here for my subscribers as the prelude to a book that I plan to self-publish. And, as I wrestled with that, I came up with an idea for chapter books for young readers based on some of the blog posts I've written here. I've always felt that good stories, stories that are well-written, that seek to entertain or make a point, will find their readers out in the … [Read more...]

Welcome to Healing Rescue Dogs.

If you're a brand new visitor to my blog, I'm happy you're here.  Healing Rescue Dogs is dedicated to dog lovers everywhere and features story-driven content about the lessons our dogs teach us ... if we open our hearts and listen. I write all of my own content and focus on companion and therapy dogs as they influence (and inspire) me. Here's how it all started back in June of 2011. I live with my husband and our son less than a 20 minute drive from the beautiful Finger Lakes region … [Read more...]