Lights. Camera. Action and Vision.


Lights. Camera. Action! This camera belongs to Honey DeLapa.  She's a professional photographer ... and, she's my friend. Honey does with photographs what I do with words and finally, last Friday, we met down at her studio in Honeoye Falls so that she could take some photographs of Tessa and me. She'll tell you that she doesn't specialize in dog photography. Which I suppose is true. But. She did a fabulous job of shooting us. And, you can be the judge of how she did. So, stay tuned. We … [Read more...]

Honeoye Falls. Not So Different From Salt Water.

Honeoye Falls 007

1.  The neat thing about this waterfall is that it's smack in the middle of the village of Honeoye Falls. 2.  Like a lot of other small villages around here,  Honeoye Falls owes its start to creek water or canal water ... or water from one of the Great Lakes or from the Finger Lakes. 3.  Fresh water creeks and fresh water lakes are different from salt water. 4.  It seems silly now, but for the longest time after moving up here,  I missed salt water.  Because I'd spent the summers of my … [Read more...]