“You just don’t have time for this dog…”

Happy Dog Tails

You said you did but now you know that you just don't have time for this dog. That cute 8 week old yellow lab puppy is now two years old, overly friendly with people, plays well other dogs and craves exercise. You've just accepted a teaching job on the other side of the city and your wife, who also works fulltime, is seven months pregnant. You know what's coming: with both you and your wife already stretched thin, once the baby's born, there will be even less time for this … [Read more...]

Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan – An Unexpected Book Review

"Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan by Lloyd Burlingame"

Fourteen years ago, there was a lot going on in the world. Europeans had finally agreed on a single currency (the euro), despite the world's disapproval, India conducted three atomic tests; meanwhile, Serbs battled ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and, on April 10th, a Good Friday Accord is reached in Northern Ireland. In the United States, the movie Titanic, pulled in more than $580 million, making it the highest-grossing film of all time, an estimated 76 million of us watched the last Seinfeld … [Read more...]

Remembering An Honest Dog And An Alpha Queen

"German Shepherd Norwegian Elkhound mix breed laying down"

I've been writing, rewriting and editing my story about Suzy and it's been a slow process. Each time I thought I had a sentence finished, I'd reread it and take out a few words, move others around and delete more. When I didn't think I'd ever get it done, words began rising to the surface and suddenly, I had the ending. Well, at least the ending for the essay that's going to be a part of my first ebook. Ten years of Suzy stories. After all of this time, I still miss her. I miss the problem … [Read more...]

What Labs Know About Turning Work Into Play


Sometimes, the important things that happen aren't visible to the naked eye.  So that we think the doing of a thing is easy when the reality is that doing anything well takes a lot of work. That's if you want to get really good at what you do. Do something long enough, improve your skill set, and, your hard work rewards you. The irony is that other people watching never see how hard you had to work. Which is what this young lab is doing ... working really hard, except that you can't see … [Read more...]