Pretty is a Lab Coming Out of a Lake.

Lake Dogs 8-11 048

There's an undeniable beauty that labs have, especially when it comes to playing fetch and the game takes place in a lake.  Part of what's beautiful is the setting: it's hard to beat an Adirondack lake for scenic prettiness. And, then there's the dog. Did you ever notice that it's really hard to find an ugly Labrador Retriever? Put them in lake water and you have the most perfect being on earth. Add a ball or a stick to the equation and you have created absolute bliss for a lab. Their … [Read more...]

Facebook Rescues Two Labrador Retrievers


Bode said:     Don't move an inch, bud.  He's got that camera out again. Hurley said: He's not smiling at us. I don't think he's happy about taking our picture. Bode said:     No. He's not happy. But, it's easy enough for us to please him. Don't move a muscle.  Bet he takes us out for a romp when he's done with this. Hurley said:   I hope so. I miss doing things with him. Bode said:       Me too. Meet Bode and Hurley, two 7 year old Labrador Retrievers who live in one of the New … [Read more...]

Telling Lassie Stories on A Friday Night

Donnelly's, neighborhood 001

Life in a small town.  Where you can (if you wanted to) leave your house,  walk down tree-lined streets,  past 100 year old houses,  mosey through a stretch of "downtown," cross over the canal bridge,  saunter down Main Street a ways before hanging a left onto the street whose formal name escapes me ... but, which could easily be re-named Restaurant Row,  and, after all that walking,  you'd end up at Donnelly's. On a Friday night. Telling Lassie stories as you sit at the bar. Having run … [Read more...]

Lake Dogs – It’s All About Play

Lake Dogs 8-11 048

Lake dogs are pretty darn smart.   They know that life is all about play.   Doesn't have to be too fancy. An orange rubber ball to chase into the water is just fine. If there's no orange ball handy,  there are lots of rocks laying on the sand that make excellent substitutes. It's a simple success  formula requiring one human, one orange ball and one very eager-to-please dog. This is Kuya.  She's just over a year old and she's a purebred Labrador Retriever.   Kuya  lives to play in the … [Read more...]