Life is a Dog And An Orange Ball.

Lake Dogs 8-11 054

Life can be pretty simple when it's a dog and an orange ball. As long as there's someone willing to throw that ball.  Forever, if need be. Labs are pretty special this way.  They will play all day, if you will. It's not a demanding sport.  You don't  have to think too much about your role. Your job is to pick a spot along the shoreline within easy throwing distance of the lake, and, like a baseball pitcher standing, poised on pitcher's mound, to lean into your throw - to send that ball as … [Read more...]

From High Kill to No Kill Animal Shelters … In Our Lifetime


This is Baxter, a lucky, young, black lab. Lucky because he beat the odds. Instead of being killed after turning up in a high kill animal shelter, in rural Texas,  he's coming up north to live. He'll be living with a couple I've known for 21 years who just happen to live less than an 40 minutes from me.  And, he'll be living the sort of life that every dog should have: his soon-to-be-human guardians,  S. and D.,  are people who are intimately knowledgeable about dogs. Which is a story for … [Read more...]

Movin’ On Down The Highway

Hinkley 09 055

So you can see that there's a bit of a resemblance between these two guys. My son, the long-haired young guy to the left, has never NOT known JF, the long-haired, older guy on the left. This photo was taken in August of 2009, at Hinckley Reservoir, on the deck behind the cottage where we always spend the first week every August. It wasn't the first time JF had come up to the Adirondacks to visit us.  We were lucky that he came up this past summer (2011) because that would be the last time … [Read more...]

Lake Dogs – It’s All About Play

Lake Dogs 8-11 048

Lake dogs are pretty darn smart.   They know that life is all about play.   Doesn't have to be too fancy. An orange rubber ball to chase into the water is just fine. If there's no orange ball handy,  there are lots of rocks laying on the sand that make excellent substitutes. It's a simple success  formula requiring one human, one orange ball and one very eager-to-please dog. This is Kuya.  She's just over a year old and she's a purebred Labrador Retriever.   Kuya  lives to play in the … [Read more...]