Hinckley Reservoir Inspires Adirondack Lake Dogs Essay in Love Always Wags Its Tail

"Hinckley Reservoir on a sunny August day"

Hinckley Reservoir was my summer inspiration for a series of blog posts I wrote about the lake dogs which morphed into "Adirondack Lake Dogs," one of the essays in my book, Love Always Wags Its Tail. This August would have marked our 11th year at Hinckley.  Sadly, it's not to be. The family that owns the cottage we always rented for the first week in August decided to rent it out for a full year rather than relying on one and two week rentals during the summer season. Can't say I blame them.  … [Read more...]

Adirondack Summer: Missing My Lake Dog


Each summer, the view of the reservoir lake from the back of the cottage where we stay, inside of the Adirondack Park,  is a tiny bit different ... if you know what to look for. This time, because of the drought, the level of the lake was down about 10-15 feet.  Not a lot of boat traffic unless you live here year round and had put your boat into the water in June or July. That was okay. Our agenda was pretty simple. Escape from work schedules, read lots of books, visit with friends, hike a … [Read more...]

A Black Dog Finds It. Every Time.

Lake Dogs 8-11 035

You can't fool me.  I know it's here. Somewhere at the bottom of the lake.  What my eyes can't see, my nose can smell ... and, one way or the other, I'll find it. Because it's what lake dogs do (said the medium-sized black dog) and I am the best lake dog in this part of the Adirondack Park. Never doubt that.  This is what I live for. When I'm not chasing that orange ball. Or jumping off the dock. Wait. I almost forgot that rolling around in the grass on top of that fine smelling geese … [Read more...]

Another Day Begins. Paradise On Earth.

Hinkley 09 003

This is my Paradise on earth where I can sit on the dock, feel the sun on my back and listen to the sounds of the water slap against the pilings. Where I can play with the Lake Dogs on an endless afternoon; sink my soul into the Adirondack quiet of an early morning when the mists hover over the water or bear witness to the last hours of light near the darkness forming in the distance across the lake at the end of the day. There is no better bliss than this place except my own home in the … [Read more...]

Dream Dogs Change Our Lives

Lake Dogs 8-11 011

This is Lulu.  She is one of the lake dogs that my family "borrows" each summer when we go on our Adirondack vacation.   For us, she is a Dream Dog. We see her every morning.  She's either sitting on the deck behind the cottage where we stay, her fur still wet from her first lake swim.  Or she's streaking after the golf cart that her owner uses to travel the short distance from his house down to the lake. Because she's not OUR dog, we don't have the responsibilities of taking care of her. … [Read more...]