Remembering An Honest Dog And An Alpha Queen

"German Shepherd Norwegian Elkhound mix breed laying down"

I've been writing, rewriting and editing my story about Suzy and it's been a slow process. Each time I thought I had a sentence finished, I'd reread it and take out a few words, move others around and delete more. When I didn't think I'd ever get it done, words began rising to the surface and suddenly, I had the ending. Well, at least the ending for the essay that's going to be a part of my first ebook. Ten years of Suzy stories. After all of this time, I still miss her. I miss the problem … [Read more...]

Forget the PDF – I’m Going Straight to Kindle!

"Table top features Nina Amir's latest book"

I'm excited! Since I started posting my progress on Facebook about the checked off steps that are leading up to my first published digital book (on Kindle) (on Amazon), a lot of you have been emailing me to cheer me on or have been offering your two cents about different things because I emailed you, on the sly, and asked. So, before I get too deep into this post, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your honest and enthusiastic feedback and comments. To my brother, who has been … [Read more...]

What Elder Dog Said Or All Roads Lead to Home

"Black Great Dane and woman look at boat"

She said:     Where do you think that boat's from? Elder Dog:   From another place. She said:      Ah. Where do you think its headed? Elder Dog:   Someplace else. She said:      Doesn't look like it's going there soon. Elder Dog:   Nope. She said:      What do you think that means? Elder Dog:   That's the wrong question. She said:      Really? Elder Dog:   Yep. She said:      What's the right question? Elder Dog:    Was it worth the trip?   … [Read more...]

How to Say Good-bye

God knows, the last thing I want to be is an expert on knowing how to say good bye to my dogs when they are dying and it gets closer to the time when I will make sure that their final breaths are taken while I'm there in that last rite of dog guardianship known as euthanasia. But. Looking back on all of the dogs in my life, that's exactly what's happened. When to say good bye is an entirely different matter. Each dog handles old age or sickness in its own, unique manner. The "when" is … [Read more...]

Working Apology


Cold wraps around the worn cab. I reach out and feel your place, cracked leather still warm from your heat.  Slouched down, I watch rain soak the back of your broad shoulders as sleet pellets punch holes in the icy lot. "Casey's Bar & Grill" flickers red neon across frosted glass. Wind whips the restaurant door open; you slam inside. Conversation stops. Knarled fingers grip thick china mugs. Spilled coffee pools on a sticky counter top when bodies … [Read more...]