The Cat’s Meow…


Mack said:    I can see you. Oynx said:    Me too. Mack said:    Are you scared? Oynx said:    Promise you won't tell anyone else? Mack said:     Cross my heart, kid. Oynx said:    Maybe just a tiny, little bit scared. Mack said:     Wanna know a secret? Oynx said:     What's a secret? Mack said:     Whispered courage. Oynx said:     Ah. So, tell me a secret. Mack said:     You are now safe in a cat lover's paradise. Welcome home, kid. Oynx said:     Really? Are … [Read more...]

Afternoon Delight …


I parked my car alongside the road, got out and flipped the rear hatch open so that Tessa could smell the air from her crate and feel like she was a part of things. Then I took this photograph. And a few more. Coming here, to White Haven cemetery, is visual therapy for me; a "pastoral time out" when I want to pull beautiful silence around me, walk Tessa, and just be in the moment. "If I am content with a little, enough is as good as a feast." - W. Shakespeare … [Read more...]

You Never Forget Your First One

They were an unlikely pair: a stoic, giantess Harelquin Great Dane named Flicka (she was eight) and Nathan, an eager-beaver, four month old Brittany Spaniel pup. Nathan wasn't my dog. He belonged to my roommate, Ginny. Like a lot of what she brought home, Nathan just showed up with her one day. He came with a wire crate, food bowls and a bag of nondescript puppy food. Everything went into the kitchen, including Nathan. The food bag was taller than the crate, and the crate itself? Brand new … [Read more...]

One Cat’s Meow …


What Mac said:  I am more of a force to be reckoned with than those silly Basset Hounds. I mean, really! Dogs are loud and they take up a lot of space. And graceful? Forget it. Cats, on the other hand, can make even plastic laundry baskets look good ... because we can. Just so you know,  I might not show up on this blog as much as the dogs, but, I'm better. In every way. And, I'm a lot less work.  [gplus count="true" size="Medium" ]   … [Read more...]