Adirondack Cheese Company Owner Speaks Up

Riley-Adk Cheese Co 024

Not that I need an excuse to post another photo of Riley,  but the email I received from Tony Leiker,  the owner of the Adirondack Cheese Company,  proved to be the perfect incentive! Dear Kathy - Thank you so much for the coverage.  We love it when people come in and ask for Riley.  He has been our greeter for many years now and loves people.  Just more proof that certain dogs get bad press due to bad owners. Give dogs love, attention, safety and rules and they will be the … [Read more...]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

"Hinckley reservoir morning coffee"

 With some variation on the water level of the lake, this is the view I enjoy every morning during that first week in August we spend up in the Adirondacks.  My son will tell you that we've been coming here since 2004.  Then he'll pause while we look at each other.  Can that be right A friend of my husband’s had rented the cottage for himself that first summer.  One night he called, offering the time he’d reserved to us, explaining that after what we’d gone through as a family over the past … [Read more...]

How Lake Dogs Invite You to Live in The Moment With Them

Lake Dogs 8-11 013

This is Lulu.  To be accurate, it's a partial head shot of Lulu.  I like it because of what you can see in the background of the photograph.  The distance between the log home and Lulu is a good 150-200 yards or more.  None of it is fenced.  You get just a glimpse of what is Lulu's playground.   What you can't see (yet) is the water -- the lake that all of that land butts up to.  Over the past 7 summers, this patch of the Adirondacks has been my family's retreat during the first week in August.  … [Read more...]

Bark World Expo – A Social Media Conference for Pet Lovers


If you are a pet lover and social media is your thing,  you're going to want to check out the 2011 Bark World Expo.  It is the social media conference for pet lovers covering all facets of social media, pet lifestyle and business education.   It doesn't get much better than three days with like-minded people.  Take a look at the details and see what you think. I'm getting ready to leave for a week's vacation, sans the dogs.  We spend a week every August up in the Adirondacks and the internet … [Read more...]

Katz on Dogs – Book Review


I had just decided that I could survive without buying any more books for a while, making do with my numerous trips to the public library to satisfy my craving, when I checked out Katz on Dogs - A Commonsense Guide to Training and Living With Dogs, by Jon Katz. When I found myself renewing it for the third time, I knew I had a keeper. For those of us who are already well-versed in dogspeak,  reading this book will be like settling down in a comfortable chair with your feet up, knowing that … [Read more...]