How It All Began – Where Stories Get Their Start

Virginia and G-co

It's Christmas morning and I can look out my study window to see a sugar coating of snow accenting tree limbs, frosting up the evergreens; prettying up the world. Last night, I promised myself that I wasn't going to be online today but, early morning habits pulled me out of bed around 5AM and there was time enough to log on and take care of a few things. Like this post. Some of you reading this are brand new to Healing Rescue Dogs having found your way over here from Amazon because you've … [Read more...]

Remembering A Cookbook, A Border Collie-Mutt And My Mom


Once upon a true time, my mom had this cookbook.  How she came to own it is buried in the past. And, also not that important to what I'm going to tell you. It looks a bit lonesome, over there, without any kind of graphic adornment to spiff it up. But, that's okay. The story behind this cookbook will more than make up for all of the white space. So, if you remember, my mom was a dog lover from way Back In The Day. Before she was a wife. Before she was a mom.  Back in the day when she was … [Read more...]

Dogs And Books – What’s Not to Love?

10-10-2011 03;56;47PM

This is my mom.  Of all of the photographs I have of her that appear to be taken before she was married,  which means before she had five kids and had to move us every three years because our dad was in the army and that's what army families did (and still do),  THIS photograph is the best of what I've come to call "the dog series." It's the one that has the most detail.  Despite the shadows,  you can see her face.  And her bare feet.  And her painted toe nails. And the blond cocker … [Read more...]