Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue Groups Are Not For Wimps

"three exracing greyhounds running"

Animal shelters and animal rescue groups have been working together for a long time to move dogs and cats into pet homes. One rescue group, Nuts For Mutts, a relative newcomer to animal rescue in Rochester, NY, was holding an adoption event at PetSaver on Monroe Avenue yesterday. Theirs was a small event: three people with three dogs tucked behind a table at the back of the store. If you believe that any dog weighing less than 15 pounds isn't "really a dog," (my husband and every other lover … [Read more...]

Remembering A Cookbook, A Border Collie-Mutt And My Mom


Once upon a true time, my mom had this cookbook.  How she came to own it is buried in the past. And, also not that important to what I'm going to tell you. It looks a bit lonesome, over there, without any kind of graphic adornment to spiff it up. But, that's okay. The story behind this cookbook will more than make up for all of the white space. So, if you remember, my mom was a dog lover from way Back In The Day. Before she was a wife. Before she was a mom.  Back in the day when she was … [Read more...]