Today We Bring Her Home to Join Our Human/Animal Pack

"happy birthday card with cartoon dog on front"

Today's the day we bring her home to join our human/animal pack. She's been patiently waiting for almost three months for a perfect match. You know as well as I do that perfection doesn't always get to happen. But when it does, it's magic. And wonderful things begin to fall into place.  I spent most of yesterday getting ready for her. It was a good drive day: springlike with blue skies, warm enough to slide the sun roof back, let my thoughts float out into the almost balmy air. I headed out … [Read more...]

Canine Fashion: What Does Your Dog Wear?


They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and this just might be that one picture.  If you look closely and if you know your dog leashes, you'll see part of what I know to be an elegant, leather dog collar-leash set over-lapping an Easy Walk harness. Think of them both as tools because in the truest sense of the word, that's what dog collars, leashes and harnesses are. And, if you're an experienced dog person, you know something else. You know that not every dog collar, leash and/or … [Read more...]

How One Great Dane Plays A Waiting Game

July 10, 06 004

You can tell by the absence of grey, that Jasper's a much younger Great Dane in this photo than he is in many of the photographs of him that I've already posted in this blog. He is in his signature pose: Looking Over The Fence. Jasper's got another thing that he does in the back yard where he's not so easily seen. I watched him do this yesterday as my husband and son loaded up the Subaru for the drive to Connecticut for JF's memorial service. This thing that Jasper does is to wait for … [Read more...]

The Dog That Stole My Husband’s Heart


Here you are, without a speck of old-age, grey in your muzzle, not yet two years old. You are the dog that easily stole my husband's heart. We waited a long time to get you because I didn't want to have another Great Dane after losing the first one to mouth cancer. After euthanizing the first one, walking into a house without ANY dogs was one of the hardest things I had to do. People who live with Great Danes learn that much of what they do with their dogs gets done on a Grand Scale.  … [Read more...]

What We Did For Love

We did it!  I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there ... and, in the larger scheme of things:  war, famine, pestilence, floods, homeless people, death and taxes,  what We Did might not register as Important. But.  Trust me.  It was a noteworthy event here. Yesterday,  Tessa and I successfully walked the long block of my Norman Rockwell neighborhood with more grace and style than we have ever done. We did have a bit of help.  But that's part of it, wouldn't you agree? To … [Read more...]