Guest Post/Share The Joys of Living in a Multi-Dog Home

"Kimberly plus 3 dogs"

The plan was to adopt one dog.  We researched breeds for months until we decided that a herding breed (Border Collie, Cattle Dog, or Australian Shepherd) was the right breed for us.  And then we started jumping through the hoops of a dog rescue and that’s how we met Rodrigo.  Three days later, I started my campaign for a second dog. Rodrigo will be so confused and afraid; adopting one of his siblings will make him happy. Two puppies can keep each other company when we’re away from the … [Read more...]

The Hidden Costs of Loving Pets.


Early morning and I wake up to the sounds of Jasper making those alarming sounds of I-am-about-to-throw up-and-I-could-do-that-right-now-in-fact-I-think-I-will. And, so he does. Scrambling out of bed, with Tessa at my heels (that's Tess curled up on my bed), Jasper and I head for the back door. Out we go into the backyard showing more dry, brown grass than green. It's been a hot July and despite watering the lawn late in the afternoon into the early evening, my lawn looks like a patch work … [Read more...]