Animal Shelters and Animal Rescue Groups Are Not For Wimps

"three exracing greyhounds running"

Animal shelters and animal rescue groups have been working together for a long time to move dogs and cats into pet homes. One rescue group, Nuts For Mutts, a relative newcomer to animal rescue in Rochester, NY, was holding an adoption event at PetSaver on Monroe Avenue yesterday. Theirs was a small event: three people with three dogs tucked behind a table at the back of the store. If you believe that any dog weighing less than 15 pounds isn't "really a dog," (my husband and every other lover … [Read more...]

Gracie: Up Close And Personal.

Happy Dog Tails

Gracie, up close and personal. Enjoying the first of two afternoon sun bathing sessions. Now that she's staked out her spot, near the garage, she's almost ready to lay down, always keeping one eye open to check out whatever catches her interest. I haven't told her about winter. Yet. Maybe, she'll surprise me and be one of those dogs that likes the cold weather. Wonder how that works for dogs that hate getting wet? At the first sign of rain, Gracie heads for the back door. Snow … [Read more...]

Off My Blog I’m Really Pissed

"One happy American Staffordshire Terrier miexed breed pup"

Lately, there's a whole lot more going on off my blog than on it so that, showing up here has been painful. Painful in the sense that I'm grasping to find words to keep up with my ideas,  pushing away words that connect to what I really want to blog about. But because these words don't fit my niche, would be bitchy and unkind, even though they would relieve a lot of my pent up emotions and help me get clear on a few things:  I'm trying to hold off. I realize that this is a bit cryptic. … [Read more...]

Loose Leash Walking In The Front Garden With Gracie.

"miss Kim lilac bush blooms"

Loose leash walking is easier said than done with a new dog, especially one, like Gracie, our American Staffordshire Terrier (mixed breed?), who loves to pull because there's so much to see and do and sniff. What she really wants to do is play with the dogs that she sees out walking with their owners in our Norman Rockwell - looking neighborhood.  We know that Gracie likes dogs but my neighbors, who haven't met her yet, look at her and see the stereotype pit bull dog that they "know" isn't dog … [Read more...]

When is a Pit Bull Terrier Or an Amstaff Just a Dog?

"books about bully breeds"

It never fails: each time we add a new dog, I rethink what I've learned over the years. I thought that all we'd have to do this time, when we added Gracie, a young Pit Bull Terrier, into the mix,  was to help her get used to living in a  home after almost four months of shelter life.  She's slowly coming along. Each day, we add something new to the things that she knows for sure. What she knows for sure: 1.  There's a consistent routine to follow. Early mornings have an order to them based … [Read more...]