Walking Other People’s Dogs

Happy Dog Tails

Walking other people's dogs happens when you least expect it.  Your neighbor's plans fall apart and, at the last minute, she needs someone to take care of the family dog. "Just for three days," she explains. And there you are. And here he is: Just one really happy pup. Wanna feed me? Go for a walk? Wanna hang out? Be my friend? How about that walk now? Gotta toy for me? I see that leash. Let's get busy - get out there - go meet my friends. Go make new friends! Isn't it just a lovely … [Read more...]

Today We Bring Her Home to Join Our Human/Animal Pack

"happy birthday card with cartoon dog on front"

Today's the day we bring her home to join our human/animal pack. She's been patiently waiting for almost three months for a perfect match. You know as well as I do that perfection doesn't always get to happen. But when it does, it's magic. And wonderful things begin to fall into place.  I spent most of yesterday getting ready for her. It was a good drive day: springlike with blue skies, warm enough to slide the sun roof back, let my thoughts float out into the almost balmy air. I headed out … [Read more...]

You Never Forget Your First One

They were an unlikely pair: a stoic, giantess Harelquin Great Dane named Flicka (she was eight) and Nathan, an eager-beaver, four month old Brittany Spaniel pup. Nathan wasn't my dog. He belonged to my roommate, Ginny. Like a lot of what she brought home, Nathan just showed up with her one day. He came with a wire crate, food bowls and a bag of nondescript puppy food. Everything went into the kitchen, including Nathan. The food bag was taller than the crate, and the crate itself? Brand new … [Read more...]