“You just don’t have time for this dog…”

Happy Dog Tails

You said you did but now you know that you just don't have time for this dog. That cute 8 week old yellow lab puppy is now two years old, overly friendly with people, plays well other dogs and craves exercise. You've just accepted a teaching job on the other side of the city and your wife, who also works fulltime, is seven months pregnant. You know what's coming: with both you and your wife already stretched thin, once the baby's born, there will be even less time for this … [Read more...]

Part 2: You Never Forget Your First One

Like Ginny, Clark worked fulltime.  At night,  he opened his front door, put Flicka outside, shut the door and went to bed.  Whatever nocturnal  adventures she had, Flicka was always back in the morning, waiting to be let in. Clark, running late for work again, dashed out the door as the Giantess, taking her time, slipped around him to disappear inside. Flicka and Nathan provided the comic relief when the three of us started hanging out together.  She was the seasoned veteran, he was the … [Read more...]

The View On The Other Side.

July 10, 06 005

Here's Jasper,  still posing. Older than he was in the previous post. Checking out the neighborhood on the other side of the fence. Looking kind of regal, which is something that Great Danes do without any effort at all. Because he they can. Looking more adult and less puppy. My neighbors like to walk by my house and call his name so that he'll pop up over the fence to check them out as they walk by.  Which Jasper does if he's outside. He's not a barking dog. Unless he feels like he … [Read more...]