Victoria Stilwell’s Dog Book Teaches Self-Development & Leadership

"photo of one Victoria Stilwelll book and two John C maxwell books"

Like many of her peers, Victoria Stilwell understands what it takes to develop awesome, healthy relationships with dogs. Understand, communicate effectively, always be positive and consistent.  Embrace life long learning.  She says, "A good relationship is based on cooperation, not dominance." Why is it that humans mess this up? What is it about the human condition that guarantees each one of us will fail, not just once, but many times before we get this right? Stilwell didn't think she … [Read more...]

Going to Work Takes Two

Thomas Creek Wildlife Center 035

Here sits Tessa, gazing fixedly upward.  Intently focused on something beyond what you can see. Still as a statue.  Not a hair out of place.  No blinking.  No kidding. This is hardly blind obedience.  Not by a long shot. Take another look. This is a Work in Progress Equation. Tessa is Part One. I am Part Two. The Treat Bag is Part Three. If the equation is going to work, we both have to Show Up and I have to bring the Treat Bag.   The day this photograph was taken, we did … [Read more...]

The One-Step Action Plan That Ensures A Rescue Dog’s Forever Home

In a perfect world, everybody lives happily ever after – including dogs.  Sadly, the millions of dogs that end up in animal shelters are testimony to a scarier reality. “We didn’t know it would grow to be so large.” “The landlord said I had to give him up.” “We have to move.” “With the new baby, we don’t have time.” “Allergies.” We are a casual, throw-away society and the evidence is written on the cards attached to the kennel runs of the dogs that are housed in animal shelters … [Read more...]