Hello, American Brittany Spaniel Rescue. It’s Nice to Meet You.

If you're a part of the American Brittany Spaniel Rescue (ABR) organization,  welcome to Healing Rescue Dogs, the home base for my book, Love Always Wags Its Tail.  When I started writing,  I had no idea that I was going to donate a portion of the sales to a dog rescue group.  Like a lot of things that happened during the journey of "birthing" this book,  adding that extra layer of serving an adoption group came as the book neared completion.  There were a lot of rescue groups to choose from. … [Read more...]

People Walking. Walking Dogs.

Washington Grove, Cobb's Hill 047

Trust me.  There are lots of people walking this path.  Some of us with dogs,  a few walking solitary in race-walk style;  hard to say if there were more photographers or dog walkers out. We all knew what a gift we'd gotten today.  You could feel it in our self-satisfied grins as we congratulated each other on our perfect day. Tessa was on sensory overload.  Her nose either glued to the ground or raised high as she air-sniffed. Not too much heeling today.  For one,  it wouldn't have … [Read more...]

I Work For Food

Tessa 023

I'm little.  I'm cute.  I'm a used-to-be-street-stray AND I work for food.  It's a good gig if you can get it.  To live in the lap of luxury.  Down quilts to sleep on,  regular meals;  your own pack. I am something called a "rascal,"  a "scamp."  I am always busy.  I am WORK. I'm just 18 pounds.  But.  I can jump from a standing position straight up,  over 5 feet.  Easy. I WILL snatch one of those birds that swoops into my back yard.  Watch.  Me. I came with something called … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Healing Power of Rescue Dogs

Happy Dog Tails

I can't remember ever living without dogs - my mom's dogs, neighbor dogs, or dogs I borrowed from friends during those first years on my own when I was renting and couldn't have my own dog. Dogs are as natural and necessary to me as breathing is both natural and necessary for me to live.  You could say that DOG is hard-wired into my DNA. I lived with dogs for half of my life before I finally understood that they have this amazing ability to teach us about ourselves ... if we are open and … [Read more...]