Early Morning Mini Dramas Unfold From Darkness.

Mini-dramas.  Small stories weave around my ankles in the early morning darkness.  It's the cats insisting on breakfast shortly after 5AM.  And, it's senior dogs needing to get out to the back yard for that first pee. There's a ruckus as cats jump off of furniture, use the bed as a landing pad before they streak down the stairs.  It's me carefully navigating around Jasper who is sleeping on his dog bed on the other side of my bed.  I either stop over or around him as I feel my way out to the … [Read more...]

Family Leaves 15 Year Old Dog Behind

Some names have been made up because I don't know the REAL names.  And, I don't know the REAL circumstances behind why this "sprightly"  15 year old dog was surrendered to Lollypop Farm, other than what's posted underneath the adorable photograph of Dooley. By the time you read this post, Dooley will have been adopted so you will have to imagine what he looks like. When his photograph was posted on Lollypop Farm's web site, he was the cute, scruffy-looking fellow described as part Lhasa Apso … [Read more...]

Dog And Cat Birthdays. Living With Seniors.

I pay more attention to the birthdays of my dogs and cats than I do to my own birthdays.  Most of the time.  Especially when they get up into their senior years. I don't have birthday parties for any of them.  Not like "people birthday parties."  And,  I think that's okay with them.  Birthdays aren't that important a frame of reference in their lives. Almost all of my cats live well into their late teens.  We are talking 18, 19 and in a few cases, 20 years.  At the moment,  the senior cat … [Read more...]