Save The Last Dance For Me

"formal dinner table setting"

She said:    Do you think anyone will notice? He said:      Not if we're careful. She said:     You're sure? He said:      Pretty sure. She said:     What if ..... He said:      Let's not borrow trouble. She said:     You're right, of course. He said:      This time. She said:     If anyone finds out ... He said:      They won't. She said:     Famous last words. He said:      Maybe not. Do you trust me? She said:    With all my heart. He said:     Well, … [Read more...]

What Elder Dog Said Or All Roads Lead to Home

"Black Great Dane and woman look at boat"

She said:     Where do you think that boat's from? Elder Dog:   From another place. She said:      Ah. Where do you think its headed? Elder Dog:   Someplace else. She said:      Doesn't look like it's going there soon. Elder Dog:   Nope. She said:      What do you think that means? Elder Dog:   That's the wrong question. She said:      Really? Elder Dog:   Yep. She said:      What's the right question? Elder Dog:    Was it worth the trip?   … [Read more...]

Cast Your Fate to The Wind …


He said:    Thar she blows! She said:   You have got to be kidding. He said:     I don't think so. She said:   And, that's the note you'd like to end on? He said:     Absolutely. She said:    Maybe you'd like a rubber ducky? He said:      If you think it will help... She said:    It's a little late for "help." He said:     Never say, "Never." She said:    You think this will work? He said:      Not a doubt in my mind. She said:   What if somebody sees us? He … [Read more...]

Ask For What You Want


She said:   So, what do you think? He said:     That it's time to get this show on the road. She said:   Lunch? He said:     Well, that too. She said:    But, something more? He said:      Yes. She said:     What else can there be? He said:      I'm not quite sure, but more than lunch. She said:     Something we can do together? He said:      I'd like that. She said:     Something fun? He said:      Yes. She said:    Can you give me a clue? He said:      … [Read more...]

Love Does Make The World Go Round …


She said:   There's more to this blog post than meets the eye.  But, since we're on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend, and most of us are going to step back from the lure of the internet to enjoy some much needed time out as well as to spend time remembering those who gave their lives so in so many wars, I thought that I'd just give you a hint - a visual clue so to speak, of what the next several blog posts will cover. It's a pretty big clue, right? You'd have to be a complete idiot blind … [Read more...]